How to become a member?
How can we help you?

Medicine is rapidly evolving in Belgium, and the same is true for your Society. The Royal Belgian Association of Medical Scientific societies (RBAMS) is ready to help you to find your way through the labyrinth of laws, insurances and finances. Without forgetting the administrative support at a modest price. Moreover, there is a meeting room at your disposal. RBAMS accomplishes this task since 1947! This explains why more than 25 Societies work with us. Take a few minutes to read our conditions, stipulated below, and do not hesitate to contact us.


How to become an effective member, and why?

The EFFECTIVE MEMBERS are the Belgian medical scientific societies, with or without medical journal published by the association, which fulfill 4 criteria:

  1. to be a society
  2. to be a scientific society
  3. to be a medical society
  4. to be a society which exerts its activities in Belgium

 They are fully incorporated into the association because their objectives coincide with those of the RBAMS. This means that they enjoy several services:

The RBAMS publishes several medical journals under the name of “Acta Medica Belgica Publications”:

Finally, the Association acts as an intermediary between its members and fiscal, advisers, lawyers, insurers, printers, and publicists.  
All affiliated societies enjoy these services if they pay a contribution, and if they allow a commission for subscriptions by non-members.

These contributions are established as follows:

  1. society without journal, but with all other permanent and regular services: 3.75 € per member.
  2. society with journal, with all other permanent and regular services, including publication : 6.50 € per member-subscriber, and 3.75  € for all other members. The Association earns a commission on every subscription from outside: 21% for direct subscribers and 36% for subscribers brought on by a bookseller.
  3. society without journal or regular services: 150 € + 21% TAV per year on a forfaitary basis. These societies can enjoy all the services cited below.

How to become an adherent member, and why?

The ADHERENT MEMBERS are individuals or organizations, eventually non- scientific, accepted as such by the General Assembly because of their interest in the objectives of the Association. Normally they do not receive any regular assistance, but they can call upon all other services stipulated below. They pay an annual sum of 190 € + 21% TAV on a forfaitary basis.